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Relax, we're FieldEx.

We don’t deliver a million packages a day. And we don’t have our own airline.

What we do instead: manage a million of your tasks so it runs like clockwork. And nothing goes missing.
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Our Vision

Transforming global service operations to refine the way time is spent

Our Story

Our founders put their heads together not just as businessmen, but as pioneers of the digitalverse setting out to chart a course to solve the problematic conundrums faced by field service.  

It can get monotonous working in the concrete jungle. But as our minds drift away to greener fields and floral meadows, we notice a pattern: people inside the office and people outside the office face very real issues. Breakdown in communication, carrying around stacks of paperwork in folders, no real-time updates, and a lack of corporate transparency are all some of the recurring feedback on our radar over the course of 15 years as an I.T company.

And that was how FieldEx was born. Well, we’ve had different looks over the years – a testament to our perpetual mission of constant improvement – and grown substantially.

Lava Labs

Lava Labs was the first team, under Lava Protocols, that put together a number of FSM solutions.


A B2C Field Service Management application that you could download on the Android Playstore. The homo neanderthalensis ancestor of FieldEx (and now extinct).


A rudimentary FSM tool. As we forayed further into the world of FSM, we found that, as our founders put it: “were barely scratching the surface”.


(2019 - 2023) FieldEx’s older brother, usually mistaken for the Castella cake commonly found in older bakeries. A rebranding was sorely needed.


(2023 - present) We’re now our very own corporate entity. Wiser, bolder, and several customers later. We’re blazing ahead and looking forward to celebrating our next milestones.
FieldEx today, is the Field Service Management tool of choice for key players that need an all-in-one solution which took field service management to the next level.

Our goal: to reach a point where others are thinking: “I wish I’d done that”.  We built FieldEx so that it has something for everyone in the world of Field Service: it brings together Field Agents, Team managers, Planners, Higher management, customers, and through IoT even, mechanical assets. If every role has a story, FieldEx is the book it's being written in.

“Our foundations were built by Thinkers. And the Dreamers decide the ceiling.”

We envisioned a tool that was more than just an app for organization, or a dashboard with a calendar. We’re putting an end to data siloes, complacency, and reactive processes. We’re all about anticipating the future and building the tools that will shape it.  
5000+ Team Hours
worked per month
of coffee per week
2000 Tasks
on average per month
saved by clients per year
15 Tb
of data analyzed per week
7 countries
we are working out of
400+ Hours
in Hangout Calls per month

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