Professional Services

Deliver Optimal Customer Experiences

Access job orders, update work status, and receive real-time activity notifications.
Boost team productivity with SLA KPIs to monitor performance.
Let your customers schedule their own appointments.
Get customer feedback through customized survey forms.
Trusted by industry leaders
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Trusted by industry leaders

Exceed expectations, exponentially.

Smart Scheduling

Assigning tasks just got easier

Identify the perfect field agents for any task based on their availability, skills, and current location.

Assign multiple agents to one task
Get real-time updates on task progress
Provide remote support to field agents as needed
Equip field agents with all the necessary information to excel in their jobs

Digital Signatures

The all-important customer sign offs

Make your customers' lives easier by giving them the power to approve work orders effortlessly, confidently, and quickly.

Say goodbye to waiting for those pesky billing cycles. Get paid instantly.
FieldEx's mobile app allows your agents to capture customer signatures digitally and effortlessly send them a receipt of the work, right from their phones.
Embrace a greener future by eliminating paper and going digital.

Custom Email & Notification Alerts

Never be in the dark on SLA statuses

Stay in the know with customized notifications for your SLA. Never miss a deadline or violate a contract again.

Stay updated with personalized alerts for SLA milestones - know where things stand in real-time.
Boost field agent success and prevent SLA breaches with "at-risk" notifications for potential failures.
Multi-stakeholder notifications ensure customers promptly receive the excellent service they expect.

Spare Part Management

Track your spare parts on a centralized platform

Keep track of your spare parts from the moment you purchase them, to when they are moved to the store, handed over to technicians, and finally utilized on the job.

Take control of your inventory operations with the ability to approve or deny store movements
Digitize your handover documents.
Stay informed with alerts when your inventory is running low.
Accurately bill your customers for the parts you used with spare parts added to your jobs.

Automated Inspection Checklists

Automate your inspection checklists

A smart checklist that does all the work for you. Simply answer a few questions and watch it automatically generate Job Orders and assign tasks to the right team members.

Create checklist templates for different asset types and models.
Integrate spare parts and tasks into checklist answers for automated creation.
Ensure breakdowns are fixed with a follow-up checklist.
Customize checklist criteria to fit your specific needs.
Ensure quality control by performing checks on all equipment leaving your warehouse.
Empower technicians to verify their own equipment fixes.

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Forms & BPM

Leave the stacks of paper in the office. Digital forms are easier for data collection.
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Automate and lead your omnichannel helpdesk for a smooth customer experience.
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Spare Parts & Inventory

Spare parts don't have to be the missing link with these inventory management features.
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