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Growing your operations to new heights

Automate your inspection checklists.
Integrate with existing systems & IoT.
Uncover the most relevant insights for your business with custom reports and dashboards.
Trusted by industry leaders
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Trusted by industry leaders

Cultivating a culture of success

Organize by Sites and Projects

Keep all site and project information in one place, including location details, specifications, and historical data.
Assign field service resources based on the requirements and priorities of each site.
Manage project-related materials and equipment separately from the general inventory.
Create project-specific reports and dashboards to give a clear overview of project status, progress, and performance.
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Equipment Management

Let your assets manage themselves

FieldEx with IoT integration will take care of all your field asset operations, including breakdowns and preventive maintenance.

Connect your IoT sensors to all your equipments.
Trigger automatic alerts when thresholds are met or asset conditions change.
Get your assets to generate service requests and assign them to the right person.
Receive immediate usage updates, keep an eye on machine cycles, and streamline preventive maintenance tasks.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance: Proactive instead of reactive

Automate the creation of preventive maintenance, effortlessly incorporating spare parts according to job type, allowing you to customize it to perfectly match your maintenance operations.

Stay on top of upcoming maintenances and receive alerts for overdue ones.
Take control of your maintenance schedules with customizable templates for each asset type, including the necessary spare parts.
Simplify maintenance planning by automating creation based on contracts and preventive maintenance types.

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Forms & BPM

Leave the stacks of paper in the office. Digital forms are easier for data collection.
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Automate and lead your omnichannel helpdesk for a smooth customer experience.
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Spare Parts & Inventory

Spare parts don't have to be the missing link with these inventory management features.
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