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Workflows for specific construction roles
Reduce delivery time with custom templates
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Trusted by industry leaders

Coordinate and communicate on-site

Asset Management

Unlock the real power of asset management

Whether you own equipment, manage equipment for your customers, or manufacture equipment and oversee the after-sales process, FieldEx has you covered.

Streamline equipment warranty and breakdown management after sales.
Simplify contract and SLA management for equipment rentals in one platform.
Boost operations efficiency with maximum uptime for heavy machinery users.

Automation through Iot

Let your assets manage themselves

FieldEx with IoT integration will take care of all your field asset operations, including breakdowns and preventive maintenance.

Connect your IoT sensors to all your equipment.
Trigger automatic alerts when thresholds are met or asset conditions change.
Get your assets to generate service requests and assign them to the right person.
Receive immediate usage updates, keep an eye on machine cycles, and streamline preventive maintenance tasks.

Automated Inspection Checklists

Automate your inspection checklists

A smart checklist that does all the work for you. Simply answer a few questions and watch it automatically generate Job Orders and assign tasks to the right team members.

Create checklist templates for different asset types and models.
Integrate spare parts and tasks into checklist answers for automated creation.
Ensure breakdowns are fixed with a follow-up checklist.
Customize checklist criteria to fit your specific needs.
Ensure quality control by performing checks on all equipment leaving your warehouse.
Empower technicians to verify their own equipment fixes.

Maintenance visualization

Full Transparency Into Maintenance Operations

Stay on top of maintenance scheduling through dashboard visibility, location-based task grouping, real-time monitoring, and instant alerts for upcoming and overdue tasks.

Easily view upcoming and overdue maintenance on your dashboard.
Never miss a task with instant alerts for upcoming and overdue maintenance.
Stay informed with real-time monitoring of asset uptime and maintenance downtime.
Streamline field rep scheduling with geofenced maintenance location grouping.

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Forms & BPM

Leave the stacks of paper in the office. Digital forms are easier for data collection.
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Automate and lead your omnichannel helpdesk for a smooth customer experience.
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Spare Parts & Inventory

Spare parts don't have to be the missing link with these inventory management features.
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