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Trusted by industry leaders

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IoT Sensor Integration

Easily connect your IoT sensors to all your equipment to gather valuable data.

Automated Alerts

Automatically receive alerts when specific thresholds are met or there are changes in asset conditions, ensuring proactive monitoring.

Auto-Assign Service Requests

Empower your assets to generate service requests and automatically assign them to the appropriate person, ensuring efficient and timely resolution.

Real-Time Asset Monitoring

Stay updated in real-time on asset usage, monitor machine cycles, and streamline preventive maintenance tasks for optimal performance.


Warranty and Breakdown Management

Easily manage equipment warranties and breakdowns after your purchase.

Contract & SLA Management Hub

Simplify the management of contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) for equipment rentals on one convenient platform.

Custom Maintenance Schedules

Have full control over your maintenance schedules with customizable templates tailored for each type of asset, including the required spare parts.


Custom Inspection Checklists

Use custom checklists and forms to easily conduct inspections and testing, allowing you to record results and promptly address any identified issues.

Work Order Review

Review work order details thoroughly to ensure technicians have a complete grasp of the equipment and the specific tasks they need to carry out.

Work Hours Tracking

Maximize efficiency by taking advantage of check-in and checkout features, which help you manage your team's time effectively and streamline installations.

Digital Signatures

Capture digital signatures or acknowledgment of job completion to maintain a comprehensive record of your services.


Personalized Dashboards

Customize your reports by including the most pertinent information tailored to your unique role and responsibilities.

Better Resource Allocation

Get a quick overview of upcoming job locations and prioritize overdue jobs, enhancing your ability to allocate resources efficiently and plan optimized routes.

Visual Data Discovery

Simplify intricate data by transforming it into user-friendly graphs, charts, and visual widgets. Gain the confidence to make well-informed decisions effortlessly.

Focused Insights

Take advantage of filters to narrow down data by specific timeframes, regions, or job types. This empowers you to focus on insights that directly address your specific needs.


Customer Portal

Provide your customer a user-friendly customer portal, allowing them to effortlessly schedule appointments and stay updated with important notifications and reminders.

Live Service Updates

Keep your customers well-informed about the progress of upcoming visits in real-time through the service portal, giving them timely updates and notifications regarding their appointments.

Customer Survey Forms

Simplify your feedback process by automating customer surveys for completed jobs. By implementing this efficient system, your valuable clients can provide instant input and feedback, enabling you to streamline your operations and consistently deliver top-notch service.

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Forms & BPM

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Spare Parts & Inventory

Spare parts don't have to be the missing link with these inventory management features.
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