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Why FieldEx?

Your customers are at the heart of your business.

FieldEx was designed to organize your workflows, connect your data, optimize your resources, and help you connect with your customers in a meaningful way.

We help you empower, illuminate and connect your team and customers at every touchpoint.

No paperwork. No spreadsheets. No blindspots.

Just one solution that simplifies your field service operations.

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Smart scheduling

Effortlessly assign or recommend the ideal field agents for specific tasks, taking into account their availability, skills, utilization, and location.

Digital signatures

Embrace the paperless revolution. Offer your customers the opportunity to sign off on work orders with ease, confidence, and speed.

Spare part management

Make sure you have the right parts when you need them. Easily manage your stock and create spare part templates for all your work orders.
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Warranty management

Allowing field agents to quickly and easily determine whether a repair is covered under warranty.

Rental contracts

Easily access and manage all your rental contracts in one organized place, with no clutter.

Preventive maintenance

Effortlessly plan and schedule maintenance in advance, ensuring you avoid the hassle and expense of downtime and equipment failure.
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Customer Portal

Give your customers easy access to the updates and information they need from you.

Appointment scheduling

Let customers effortlessly book service appointments that fit their schedule, not the other way around.

Job tracking link

Give customers peace of mind, knowing they're always up-to-date on the progress of their jobs
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Automated maintenance scheduling

Leave your maintenance scheduling to FieldEx, and prevent asset breakdowns before they occur.

Contract management

Take control of your asset contracts and improve warranty and maintenance tracking effortlessly.

Spare part templates

Save time and prevent errors with custom spare part templates for your maintenance tasks.
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Spare part movement tracking

Make sure you always know where your spare parts are, track their whereabouts, and keep them readily accessible whenever you need them.

Stock checking

Don't get caught without the parts you need. FieldEx will keep you informed when your supplies are running low, so you never have to worry about running out.

Technician bins

Keep a close eye on all your spare parts as they move with your technicians. With our inventory module, you'll have total transparency and accountability.
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Build your own reports

Your data carries unique stories and insights. Visualize and present those stories with FieldEx's custom report-building powerhouse.

Export to Excel, PDF & email

Easily distribute important insights with our export options: Excel, PDF, or Email. Take control and share your findings effortlessly.

Reports & dashboards

Get a complete and customized view of all your operational data and statistics with our powerful dashboards and dynamic reports. No matter how simple or complex your needs are, we've got you covered.
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Equipment Management

Let your assets manage themselves

FieldEx with IoT integration will take care of all your field asset operations, including breakdowns and preventive maintenance.

Let your assets talk to FieldEx

Connect your IoT sensors to your equipment and let condition-based monitoring take care of the rest. When thresholds are met or conditions change, automatic alerts will be triggered.

Your assets will generate service requests and assign them to the right person, so your team can focus on what they do best. No more wasted time or missed opportunities.

Don't let breakdowns hold you back.

Take control of your assets and keep them running smoothly with our innovative solution.

Receive immediate usage updates, keep an eye on machine cycles, and streamline preventive maintenance tasks. With our automated workflows, you can effortlessly manage all your equipment, ensuring they last their longest.
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One App, Countless Solutions

FieldEx makes it easy

Tailored to your needs. Now and beyond.

Everyone deserves the perfect fit.

FieldEx is designed to fit your workflows. You have the power to personalize and adjust every aspect to align with your specific operations, no matter what kind of work you do.


Connect all your favourite tools

Start automating your workflows to save time and effort
Centralize all your data in one place for easy access and organization.
FieldEx syncs within seconds, so you can keep working without any delays.
Having trouble finding what you need? Our Open API lets you connect all your tools seamlessly.
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Where we fit

Where we fit

FieldEx is the Central Hub for your daily field operations.

Connect all your favorite enterprise tools with FieldEx, ensuring all your systems and operations are in sync.

Not only does FieldEx capture valuable data, it also leverages this information to improve your team's and customers' experiences, keeping them informed and satisfied.

Get a comprehensive and detailed view of all the information flowing in and out of your systems, for an optimized and efficient ecosystem that meets all your operational needs.
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"The Reports module in FieldEx significantly simplifies our reporting process. It automatically creates the reports we need and sends them out based on the schedule we set. All reports are on time and up to date. We no longer do manual reporting!"

Tang Soon Fatt
Technical Services Department

No more paperwork. Just FieldEx.

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