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Real-time monitoring and maintenance scheduling
Centralized control for building field operations with integration to your sensors/ devices
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Trusted by industry leaders

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Automated Ticket Generation

Automatically generate tickets from incoming emails or messages from customers, technicians, and other stakeholders.

Multi-Channel Work Orders

Submit work orders through various channels such as phone calls, emails, online forms, or a customer portal.

Centralized Asset Management

Keep all relevant information about service contracts, customers, equipment and maintenance schedules in one central database for easy access.

Proactive Maintenance

Set up predictive maintenance cycles to anticipate possible equipment failures and schedule maintenance in advance to prevent issues from arising.

Health & Safety Compliance

Receive automatic alerts for upcoming inspections and compliance deadlines. Store and manage all compliance-related documents in a centralized system.


Equipment Maintenance Schedule

Access a comprehensive list of all upcoming maintenance for your assets and equipment, with filters to help you drill down and group information, making planning even more efficient.and preventive maintenance types.

Real-time Spare Part Monitoring

Monitor all spare part purchases and usage to keep real-time track of spare parts deductions from inventory as they are used on jobs. Customize thresholds for bins and parts according to your specific needs.

Maintenance Visibility

Get a clear visual representation of all upcoming and overdue maintenance tasks. Take immediate action to minimize asset downtime and keep your operations running smoothly.

Service Contract SLAs

Ensure field service reps are aware of service contracts and SLAs with customers. Make sure they understand the response times, service windows and deliverables expected.


Maintenance Alerts

Never miss a beat with instant alerts for upcoming and overdue maintenance. Always stay on top of tasks.

Inspection Checklists

Implement checklists and forms for inspections and testing to facilitate the recording of results and immediate attention to issues.

Digital Signatures

Capture the customer's digital signature or acknowledgment of job completion.

Mobile Inventory Management

Capture the customer's digital signature or acknowledgment of job completion.


Personalized Reports

Personalize your reports by adding the most relevant information based on your role and responsibilities. Generate budget reports to monitor spending and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Better Resource Allocation

See upcoming maintenance locations and overdue jobs at a glance, helping you optimize resource allocation and plan efficient routes.

Visual Data Discovery

Simplify complex data by transforming it into easy-to-under stand graphs, charts, and visual widgets. Gain the confidence to make informed decisions with ease.

Focused Insights

Use filters to narrow down data by specific timeframes, regions, or job types, to focus on the insights that directly relate to your needs.


Customer Portal

Enhance tenants/occupants’ experience by providing them with a user-friendly customer portal that allows them to easily schedule appointments and stay updated with important maintenance information.

Live Service Updates

Ensure tenants/occupants are always informed about the progress of their maintenance in real-time with FieldEx's live service portal.

Customer Survey Forms

Streamline your feedback process by automating customer surveys for maintenance job completions, enabling instant input from your clients.

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Forms & BPM

Leave the stacks of paper in the office. Digital forms are easier for data collection.
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Spare Parts & Inventory

Spare parts don't have to be the missing link with these inventory management features.
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