Spare Part Management

An agile inventory of all your spare parts

Easily track the movement of spare parts
Manage your inventory from anywhere
Quickly identify and locate specific parts
Use usage forecasts to efficiently manage stock levels
Trusted by industry leaders
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Trusted by industry leaders

Track spare part movement and accurately bill your customers


Seamless Integration

Integrate with other software, CRM and ERP systems to enable smooth data transfer regarding work orders and spare parts across different departments and systems.

Spare Part Templates

Set up templates to quickly create jobs for specific tasks such as installations, repairs, and preventive maintenances, with all required spare parts pre-populated.

IoT Spare Part Monitoring

Connect your IoT sensors to all your equipment, to gather valuable insights about the health of spare parts in your assets, allowing you to monitor and maintain your equipment with ease.


Efficient Spare Part Organization

Organize and keep track of your warehouse, zones, and bins to ensure efficient organization and tracking of your inventory, eliminating the hassle of searching for spare parts when you need them.

Spare Parts Management & Approval

Empower your store managers with a built-in approval process for efficiently managing spare part movement. Gain a clear view of all your stock levels in one view, allowing you to stay on top of your inventory.

Real-time Spare Part Monitoring

Monitor all spare part purchases and usage to keep real-time track of spare parts deductions from inventory as they are used on jobs. Customize thresholds for bins and parts according to your specific needs.


Mobile Inventory Management

Simplify your inventory management using the FieldEx mobile app, making it effortless to keep track of your stock.

Built-in Approval Process

Easily transfer spare parts between bins with the convenience of a built-in approval process, ensuring seamless operations.

Enhanced Service Quality

Improve customer satisfaction and billing accuracy by utilizing the appropriate spare parts for each job, guaranteeing quality service.

Usage Tracking & Returns

Keep a detailed track of part usage and efficiently manage returns with organized bins at the end of each day.


Personalized Reports

Customize your reports by including the most pertinent information tailored to your unique role and responsibilities.

Real-time Spare Part Management

Effortlessly monitor all spare parts purchases and usage. Keep real-time track of spare parts deductions from inventory as they are used on jobs. Customize thresholds for bins and parts according to your specific needs, ensuring effective inventory management.

Visual Data Discovery

Simplify intricate data by transforming it into user-friendly graphs, charts, and visual widgets. Gain the confidence to make well-informed decisions effortlessly.

Focused Insights

Take advantage of filters to narrow down data by specific timeframes, regions, or job types. This empowers you to focus on insights that directly address your specific needs.

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