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Let customers effortlessly book service appointments that fit their schedule
Stay updated and boost your service delivery success with SLA alerts and tracking.
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What describes you best?

I am part of an in-house field service team

Optimize your daily schedule and know exactly what to do and where to go first.
Receive alerts when an SLA starts or if you're about to breach one.
Don't worry about keeping track of your mileage and work times. FieldEx takes care of that for you.
Capture customer signatures digitally and effortlessly send them a receipt of the work right on the spot.
Customer Success

I am part of a sales, rental, or asset management team

Easily track where your assets are, their current condition, and when they need maintenance.
Effectively manage your inventory for rented items, spare parts, and products.
Avoid unnecessary excess stock or running out of stock.
Keep customers informed with real-time updates on service appointments, asset availability, and order statuses.
Generate comprehensive reports on performance,  utilization, and maintenance to gain valuable insights.
Customer Success

I'm on a field team that works on various sites and projects

Easily access historical data, maintenance records, and site-specific documentation.
Stay on track by setting routine site inspections, maintenance tasks, and preventive measures in your mobile app.
Effortlessly track your asset locations and keep a detailed inventory of consumables, tools, and assets at each site.
Keep important contact information readily available for site managers, key personnel, and relevant stakeholders.
Customer Success

I am part of a team that works as a 3rd party service

Simplify and ensure accurate customer billing by including detailed spare parts usage in your job records.
Grant technicians the autonomy to self-validate the repairs they perform on equipment.
Stay well-informed with real-time progress updates and receive personalized notifications for each critical milestone as per your SLAs.
Transfer spare parts between inventory bins with an integrated approval process for added convenience.
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At FieldEx, we are solvers

Connect your tools, connect your teams. Your field team’s favorite tools are just a click away.

Forms & BPM

Leave the stacks of paper in the office. Digital forms are easier for data collection.
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Automate and lead your omnichannel helpdesk for a smooth customer experience.
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Spare Parts & Inventory

Spare parts don't have to be the missing link with these inventory management features.
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